Starting my journey into watchmaking I have focused on open dial watches.
The ZBM1 is my first collection with a closed dial.
ZBM1 stand for „Zifferblatt“ which means dial in german.
In keeping with my philosophy of hand craft my choice was set on doing an hand engraved dial. 



 While doing the first prototypes I experimented with engraving myself. But I quickly realized that I need a master to achieve the best result.
I decided to work in cooperation with Mathias Köhler whom I consider a master in the craft of handengraving.

The dial is engraved with floralic elements. 
The indexes are a mix of sapphire and vvs diamonds.
The socket holding the stones is turned traditionally with the watchmakerslathe. 


The ZBM1 movement is handskeletonised and finished with a variation of traditional watchmaking techniques.
The beauty of the movement lies in the various interior  angels and surfaces which allow for more beveled and polished edges. 
The bridges are kept in a frosted finish, the gears are plated in rose gold and the balance cock is engraved. The movement is black rhodium plated while the balance cock is gold plated.