HTH „Hommage to Harrison"

With Felipes approach to watchmaking he takes a lot of his inspiration from early time pieces.

The HTH presents Felipes first watch with a classical design.

Felipe wanted his first classic piece to be connected to one of his role model, that is British watchmaker John Harrison

HTH Dial

In keeping with traditional elements Felipe presents a frosted non-lacquered brass dial. The texture of the dial is created through sandblasting, to reach a grainy texture with black rhodium plating.
The Chapter ring is applied on the base dial and finished through black polishing. Eastern Arabic, Breguet, Roman, Hebrew or Chinese numerals are available on demand


The Design of the engraving is inspired by Harrison’s H4, a lifetime watch for John Harrison, developed and built over the course of many years.
The movement of the HTH is finished in black rhodium, while the balance cock is plated in gold to create a nice contrast.