Mondphase One - sold out

 The moon phase is Felipes first watch with a handmade complication and the first step towards a completely self-developed and handmade movement. When Felipe started the moon phase project he set himself the goal to discover which techniques work out the best for handcrafting components. In the two years of development most of the time went into testing the advantages and disadvantages of every method. With his emphasis of using traditional techniques he crafted the complication parts such as the gears, the rivets, pinions, the 3D moon and the bridge that holds the moon to perfection only using manual techniques. 



The Dial of is partly skeletonised to reveal the complication.
Decorated with hand engravings, frosting and beveled edges, it features a variety of finishing techniques.
The chapter ring has a black mirror polish.

The moon features a dark side that is black rhodium plated and the bright side which is white rhodium plated. 

Due to Felipes origin from Brazil he chose to show the moon from the perspective of the southern hemisphere. 


Aside of the technical development the biggest challenge was to fit the large moon into the case without having to increase the thickness. 

For this reason, Felipe placed the moon in the middle of the mechanism. The moon is 0.4mm thicker than the movement and closes perfectly with the dial. 

The moon is placed horizontally into the dial so there is  more realistic reading when looking form a frontal perspective on the dial.




The moon phase movement includes the most complicated finishing techniques Felipe has included in his watches so far.
To be able to fit the large moon Felipe had to saw the train bridge in a complicated way. 

On the left side of the moon you see a screw that seems not to be attached to anything. However the screw is securing the barrel bridge and when you look closer you will notice the material Felipe has left from the train bridge under the screw.  

On the train bridge the  technique  gives the impression that the bridge is divided due to the angalge in between.

The development of the moon phase took Felipe two years, mainly because he was testing a lot trying to find the best method for hand crafting components. The moon phase complication is Felipes first step towards a fully handmade movement.