FPSK SKELETON - sold out

The FPSK Series is a limited series of five watches which is fully skeletonised“. The movement is first prepared through carving the shapes on the movement back and front. After the shaping the parts are sawn and filed by hand and prepared for the bevelling process through traditional watchmaking techniques. The shapes and design are influenced through all the impressions that I gathered over the years. The Skeleton gives the opportunity to highlight the beauty of traditional watchmaking through the bevelling work. Featuring interior angles through hand bevelling and polishing creates a unique appearance which highlights the signature of the artist which is unique on every piece. 



The FPSK 2022 is a limited series
of five watches which is fully skeletonised. Skeltonising is one of my favorite skills.
At the beginning of my watchmaking journey
I invested the biggest amount of my time in skeletonising.
The „Prious Collectio“ my first collection of Felipe Pikullik watches only included skeleton watches, each with a different design. I want to keep that dna and release a skeleton series every year.


diameter 41mm
thickness 10.5mm
lug to lug 50mm
handmade strap in 20mm
power reserve 52h
rose gold plated gears
brushed finished plates
handengraved balance cock
polished and black rhodium plated hands
black rhodium plated movement