Sternenhimmel „starry sky"

The design of the model „Sternenhimmel“ (starry sky) is inspired by one of my goals to create watches with astronomic complications. What brought me initially into watchmaking was my love for science especially physics. In a time where most things are automated and accelerated,
I enjoy reverting back to the traditional methods of watchmaking.

The Sternenhimmel is equiped with a variety  of traditional techniques, such as skeletonising, frosting and hand engraving.  The „starry sky“ is presented trough a natural blue gold stone dial.


The Sternenhimmel is marking the first model into a series of astronomical themed watches. It is a time only watch. The next release  will be the moon phase were I focus on crafting my first in house complication including handmade gears, pinions and a 3D moon.


Paired to the aventurine Dial the Sternenhimmel comes with the ZBM1 movement. The first step in creating this movement  is sawing the bridges into shape with a hand saw. The surfaces are then brushed and treated until they are ready for the beveling to be applied.
The beauty of the movement lies in the various interior  angels and surfaces which allow for more beveled and polished edges. 
The bridges are kept in a frosted finish, the gears are plated in rose gold and the balance cock is engraved. The movement is black rhodium plated while the balance cock is gold plated.